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August 25, 2020

Sport has taken a hit during these past few months. Sporting events and sports facilities are now beginning to happen and starting to open.

In November the Masters golf tournament will take place at Augusta USA. With air travel proving difficult the opportunity of visiting Augusta is quite limited. But for all those golf lovers there is a greater opportunity of playing a golf course in Buxton that was designed by the same gentleman, Dr Alister Mackenzie who designed the world famous Augusta course.

The Duke of Devonshire asked Dr Mackenzie to design and build a brand new course in Buxton. In 1925 the resultant course widely regarded as ‘Mackenzie’s Masterpiece’ took the Duke’s family name ‘Cavendish’.
Seven years later Mackenzie was asked by Bobby Jones to design a brand new course on a disused farm in Georgia USA. The topography of this land had many similarities to the course in Buxton and Mackenzie adopted many of the same design solutions he had used at Cavendish.

The Cavendish golf course is about a good Tiger Wood’s drive from the Portland Hotel. Get in touch if you want to stay the night, have a hearty breakfast before tackling a ‘Master’s’ style

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