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July 22, 2020

The New ‘R’ Number – we’re here to help.

As the attention shifts from Matt Hancock, Health Secretary to Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor there will
be a new ‘R’ number that will soon be dominating the headlines. That’s the unemployment figure
that Rishi will need to address.
We have been extremely pleased with the start to our comeback and it may not make a huge dent in
the unemployment statistic but we’d be delighted to hear from anyone that would like to work in
our breakfast service and housekeeping areas.

Don’t Hang Your Dirty laundry out in Public…..

Most businesses rely upon support businesses to operate. The company that supplies and launders
our bedroom linen have not been up to speed with us since we opened on July 4 th .
This has caused difficulties for us but as they say every cloud …….
We discovered a local launderette based at Five Ways in Buxton. The lady operating this business
didn’t shy away from the mountain of linen we delivered. She was extremely helpful with a positive
‘can- do’ attitude.
So we’d like to hang our dirty laundry out and tell the public what a first class business this is and
wish her every success.

And Finally…….
To listen to a podcast we recently gave on leadership please click.

If you get a chance to listen I’d love to hear your thoughts, even if you disagree.

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