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We've been busy during Lockdown!!

Portland Hotel
June 25, 2020

Well at last Saturday July 4th 2020 is the date set when hotels, pubs and restaurants can finally open.

We have been looking forward to this day for months. During lockdown we have spent as much time as possible decorating and refreshing the hotel. I am sure there are others who found it difficult at the start to get hold of paint and decorating materials. Thanks to all those DIY stores that managed to stay open and source the necessary materials.

We have kept ourselves busy with cleaning carpets, curtains, painting, re-grouting shower areas etc.

These 3 months have proved to us just how large a building the Portland Hotel is. I am sure someone could come up with a statistic to prove that if you lay all the Portland Hotel skirting boards down they would stretch from Buxton to somewhere like Chatsworth!

Even though we have been without any income for the past three months we are still keen to re-invest in our property and make it better. At present we are having work carried out on the front of the hotel. We have every confidence in Buxton and its surrounding area to bounce back after this pandemic

Renovation work at the Portland Hotel Buxton

But what we have missed and what we really need is customers.

Thank you to all those who have already reserved rooms. To all those who have yet to book please check out our availability and competitive rates.

Soon we are looking to offer details of ‘Buxton on a Budget’.

A great place to visit and stay without breaking the bank.

Portland Hotel

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