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French Connection....goes further afield

The railway station in Buxton is just a short walk from the Portland Hotel and there are regular trains to Manchester Piccadilly. The journey takes about 1 hour. Piccadilly is located in the centre of Manchester. 
Another major city that is accessible to Buxton is Liverpool. This takes a little longer by train, about 2 hours with a change at Stockport. In Liverpool there are many attractions based around the Beatles.
For all those fans of the FAB FOUR why not stay at the Portland Hotel on Sunday April 22nd 2018 and see the Bootleg Beatles at the Buxton Opera House? Maybe the following day take in a visit to Liverpool and see where the Beatles grew up and places that influenced their distinctive music.



French Connection - Half Term Holidays

Half Term Breaks....

We are two business students from La Rochelle Business School in France. Over the next six weeks we will be working and staying at the Portland Hotel in Buxton.

Buxton is a perfect place to spend a few days over the forthcoming half term holidays.

Apart from the many attractions of the Peak District National Par there are many things to do and see in the town itself. Here are just a few....

Poole’s Cavern

This is a two million year old natural limestone cave on the edge of Buxton. The length of the cavern is about 1020 feet and includes some chambers, Roman Chamber, Poached Egg Chamber. Some stalactites and stalagmites can be viewed here. The cave system is believed to extend further but has not yet been explored. In 1998 a video camera lowered down a borehole revealed the existence of a further chamber named ‘Seventh Heaven’.


Solomon’s Temple

Built in 1894. The structure is 20 feet high built on top of a Bronze Age barrow at a height of 1440 feet above sea level. From the top of the tower there are good views over the town and surrounding countryside.

Country Park

This is a huge park where Solomon’s Temple is located. There are many walks available and there is a cafe.

Buxton Swimming pool and Fitness Centre

50 yards from the Portland Hotel. The pool has 6 lanes and is 25 metres in length. In addition there is a learner pool. During the week there are many types of sessions available.

The swimming pool couldn’t be closer to the Portland Hotel. In fact there may well be a 4 star establishment in the town who has bedrooms further away from their own pool than the Portland Hotel’s bedrooms are to the Buxton swimming pool!!


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French Connection Romance in Buxton.....

We are two business students from La Rochelle Business School in France. Over the next six weeks we will be working and staying at the Portland Hotel in Buxton.

Valentine’s Day is a special occasion and Buxton is an ideal place to spend the evening at some of our top restaurants and of course stay the night at the Portland Hotel.

If it’s an afternoon tea you are looking for then why not try...

Charlotte’s Cafe Special Afternoon tea & glass of Prosecco @ £19.00 01298 938100

Here is a selection of restaurants that are all within walking distance of the Portland.

Columbine Special menu @ £32.00 per person 01298 78752

Barbarella’s £24.95 per person 01298 71392

Simply Thai £28.00 per person 01298 24471

The Railway £19.99 per person 01298 71858

In our attempt to offer value for money we are offering double rooms at The Portland Hotel on Wednesday February 14th 2018 from £50.00 including breakfast.

That represents a price that could be less than your evening meal.

Please give us a call (01298) 71493 or book on on our website in order to reserve a room and take advantage of this offer..

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We are two business students from La Rochelle Business School in France. Over the next six weeks we will be working and staying at the Portland Hotel in Buxton.

The Portland Hotel has a comfortable, cosy lounge, a great place to relax after breakfast or after a long day’s walking in the Peak District. A feature of the lounge is its Trompe-l’oeil or ‘trick of the eye’ ‘library’ wallpaper. Many visitors are convinced at first sight that it is an authentic wall of books.

As we are  keen on shopping and reading we decided to find what the town had to offer as a retail experience and in particular a good book shop.   

Buxton is a small town, typical of the Peak district. Across the country there are now many towns and cities where their high streets are made up of all the same type of stores. The large corporate brands. Buxton is different. It has individual shops that offer personal service and character.

The first one we came across was Potters. Located on Terrace Road in the centre of the town this is a store that sells ladies wear, menswear and curtains. A traditional English shop that is worth a visit.

PHOTO OF POTTERS BUXTON https://www.pottersofbuxton.co.uk/

The second store is based on Spring Gardens. This is Hargreaves and Sons. It sells Fine China, crystal and glass.

The shop is now run by the fourth generation of the Hargreaves family. It has expanded over the years, diversifying yet remaining true to Mrs Hargreaves original business plan to offer quality, value and variety.

Hargreaves and Sons Buxton


And finally we came across Scriveners Bookshop close to Market Place in the centre of Buxton.

A fascinating shop.

Formerly it was a toy store but in 1997 Mr Scrivener bought it and transformed it into an authentic bookstore.

There are 6 floors of books!! These include – antiquarian, children’s books, Victorian novels, biographies, poetry, theatre sheet music, travel books, maps, medicines, sociology, religion, military, history, architecture, sport. There’s also a little Victorian ‘museum’ and a self service tea and coffee area.

This is no ‘trick of the eye’.

Books are donated by customers who are keen to see this amazing bookstore continue.

Scriveners Book Shop Buxton


Returning to the Portland Hotel it was pleasant to relax in the hotel lounge and look over the books we had purchased.

Lounge Portland Hotel

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We are two business students from La Rochelle Business School in France. Over the next six weeks we will be working and staying at the Portland Hotel in Buxton.

From a Stable Setting to Hospital Beds and now a Seat of Learning......

After passing so many times we decided to visit this beautiful dome building.

Devonshire Dome Buxton

he Devonshire Dome is a Grade II listed building. It was built by the 5th Duke of Devonshire to stable his horses.

Its dome has the largest unsupported span in Europe. It is larger than St Pauls Cathedral.

In 1859 the Devonshire Dome became a charity hospital and in 1934 it became known as the Devonshire Royal Hospital.

Since the beginning of this century the University of Derby have operated their Buxton campus from this building. It must be one of the most beautiful university campus buildings in the country.

The Dome is impressive and grandiose. The central area is open plan with a circular corridor on its perimeter. Lecture rooms are accessed by this circular corridor. There is a cafe and restaurant which are open to the general public.

inside Devonshire Dome

We took the stairs to the first floor and admired the vastness of the building.

Although it is now a seat of learning for University of Derby and Buxton College students it is also a venue for weddings, events and functions.

The Portland Hotel is only 500 metres from the Devonshire Dome and is an ideal place to stay for those attending a wedding or an event.

The Dome is known for its spa. It offers the very best treatments using the highest quality products.



Finally, on our last blog we wrote about the use of Twin Towns as an alternative means of continuing a relationship between the UK and Europe post Brexit.

Following the events of this week we would like to think our president, Emmanuel Macron read the blog and decided on his own alternative means of friendship by offering the Bayeaux Tapestry to the UK. 

devonshire dome opening

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We are two business students from La Rochelle Business School in France. Over the next six weeks we will be working and staying at the Portland Hotel in Buxton.

We were keen to find links in Buxton to our home country, France.

Buxton has a hidden treasure. It’s been there for centuries, it’s natural, under its earth and that treasure is Water. This water fell as rainfall onto the Peak District landscape some 5000 years ago. It is now filtered, bottled and sold all over the world in sparkling and still form.

Opposite the Crescent in the centre of the town is St Ann’s Well (Approx 800 metres / half a mile from the Portland Hotel) where there is a continuous supply of Buxton water.

One of the two towns Buxton is twinned with is Oignies in the North of France. Similar to Buxton Oignies also had a treasure deep underground. Coal.

Oignies Plaque Buxton
Coal Fossel
A black stone mined from Oignies

During the Second World War soldiers from Buxton, the Sherwood Foresters served in Oignies. Today there are six graves of soldiers from the Sherwood Foresters who fell in that French town.

Buxton’s twinning with Oignies is built on special foundations and is independently maintained by its members to perpetuate the memories, gratitude and mutual respect that unite the towns.

Welcome and Be Welcomed.

Buxton’s relationship with Oignies as a twin was formed 50 years ago in 1968. Although ‘Twinning’ may seem to be out of fashion it may well prove popular again across Europe as we contemplate Brexit.

So coal in Oignies and water in Buxton. Two natural resources that one would hope would bring economic benefits to the towns and lasting prosperity for generations to come.

Unfortunately coal in Oignies which should have created that wealth is no longer mined. The final coal mine was closed in 1990.

Buxton Water however goes from strength to strength. Its popularity really grew with the introduction of the railways as Victorian visitors arrived in their numbers to ‘take the waters’.

Those early visitors were the catalyst to the development of Buxton becoming a quality tourist destination. Tourism today is the industry that creates major employment in the town.

Continuing the European link, Nestle, the owners of Buxton Water have been welcomed to the town and they now enjoy the benefits of this towns’ natural resource.

What a wonderful gesture and positive PR exercise it would be if Nestle were to offer a complimentary bottle of water to all the modern day visitors staying in the town’s hotels and guesthouses.

How appropriate it would be in this the 50th year of creating a friendship with a European town.

And here is one of our Twins.....

Twin Room Portland Hotel
here of one of our twins at the Portland Hotel, Buxton

The Portland Hotel has 17 double / twin rooms. There are a number that can be used for either twin or double purpose.

If you want to enjoy some of the places we have so far mentioned please visit our website and book online for the most competitive rates.

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We are two business students from La Rochelle Business School in France. Over the next six weeks we will be working and staying at the Portland Hotel in Buxton.

When we secured our internship at the Portland Hotel in Buxton we searched for places to see and visit. Top of the list was the Buxton Opera House.

Once again we were pleased to see the Buxton Opera House was so close to the Portland Hotel. Only 200 metres.

The 902 seater Buxton Opera House was built in 1903 by Frank Matcham. According to FT Magazine the Buxton Opera House is the most beautiful of all Frank Matcham’s opera houses.

In 1927 it became a cinema where silent films were shown until 1932.

Since the 1970’s the Opera House has been a full time venue for productions presenting almost 450 performances per year including opera, dance, comedy, drama and concerts.

Since July 1979 the Buxton Opera House has been home of the world famous Buxton Festival which has developed into one of the largest opera and arts festivals.

Buxton Festival

We chose to buy tickets for Nutcracker, the famous ballet with Tchaikovsky music. We arrived 30 minutes before the performance to marvel at the stunning architecture, both inside and out. Incredible paintings and gildings on the walls and ceilings.

The orchestra was all in place in the ‘pit’ beside the stage. The ballet started. It was a mixture of terrific music, splendid costumes and breathtaking dances.

The night we chose was one of the coldest nights of the winter, so far. Maybe OK for the artistes of the Russian State Ballet of Siberia but very much different for these two newcomers from the warmer climes of La Rochelle. We were surprised by the queues to buy ice creams at the interval (something we don’t often see in theatres and cinemas in France). They must be a hardy bunch in Buxton!!

Taking the short, flat and well illuminated walk back to the hotel we saw many hotel guests who had enjoyed the performance and taken advantage of the location of the Portland Hotel in relation to the Opera House. The hotel very often offers an accommodation and breakfast price cheaper than a theatre ticket. Many guests decide to stay 2 or 3 nights on even better deals and take in a number of shows / performances at the Opera House.

The Buxton Festival takes place this summer July 6th until July 22nd 2018. For best availability book direct


We are two business students from La Rochelle Business School in France. Over the next six weeks we will be working and staying at the Portland Hotel in Buxton.

This is the first of our blogs that we hope you find of interest as we describe some of the interesting places to see and visit in Buxton and the surrounding area.

Our arrival into Manchester was just after Christmas. We caught a train from the airport into the centre of Manchester where we enjoyed shopping in the extensive retail area.

After an exhausting day it was back to Piccadilly station to take the train to Buxton. The journey to Buxton is about 50 minutes and it was pleasant to view the built up area of a major city being replaced by green fields, snow covered hills and stunning countryside.

From Buxton railway station we were pleased to find the Portland Hotel was only 800 metres from the station. About a 5 minute walk although taxis are available.

Once we were settled in at the hotel we decided to take in the new cinema complex at the Pavilion Arts Centre, about 100 metres from the Portland Hotel. How convenient.

The cinema was introduced into Buxton in December 2017. The film we saw was ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ from an Agatha Christie novel written in the 1930’s. A story of murder, intrigue and an eventful train journey.

The Pavilion Arts Centre is a multi-purpose facility that is used for talks, shows and plays. As a cinema it works well and was a very enjoyable experience.


Upon returning to the hotel it was pleasant to sit and relax in the hotel lounge, enjoy a coffee and as we were discussing the many twists and turns of the film we were surprised to see an old Buxton railway timetable from the 1930’s.

Portland Hotel Buxton lounge
Portland Hotel Lounge area
Old Buxton train time table
Old Buxton train time table

We wondered if any of those train journeys had experienced as many events as ‘Murder on the Orient Express’.

I don’t suppose we’ll ever know but I hope you’ll join us on future blogs as we continue our journey into discovering Buxton.

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