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Looking for something energetic and family friendly? Visit the Monsal Trail, start from Blackwell Mill Cycle Hire only a 12 minute drive from the Portland Hotel. A traffic free former midland railway line for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and wheelchair users that takes you through some of the Peak Districts most spectacular Dales.

Cycle through the Peak District's most spectacular Dales 

Pass through the Monsal Trail Tunnels which have gone through a £2.25 million repair project with funding from the Department of Transport. Four of the tunnels are lit during daylight hours making them safe to use, however it's advised to take a torch just in case of a power cut!

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The Monsal Trail tunnels offer one of the most spectacular leisure routes in Britain for cycling, walking and horse riding.


It is the first time the public have been able to go through the tunnels since the former Midland Railway Line closed in 1968. Four of the longer tunnels are lit during daylight hours, dawn to dusk, to make them safe to use. They are operated by a light sensor, so in winter when the hours of daylight are less, the lights in the tunnels will switch off earlier in the day – around 4.30pm. If you are using the trail in the afternoon you are advised to take a torch or have bike lights in case you get caught out. If the lights go off because of a power failure there is a two hour emergency back up in place.

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